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The Morrell Technique is a very gentle, yet powerful therapy that combines a delicate, subtle touch, predominantly on the feet, and sensitive exploration of the electro-magnetic field.
Each treatment is tailored to your individual needs and conditions.
Deeply relaxing, it can be used to restore, as well as maintain your body’s own healthy balance, gently encouraging your body's natural healthy abilities.
Reflex Touch can reduce the effects of stress that we all incur in our busy lives.
This therapy has proved to be a delight to receive and can be helpful throughout life...  there are many conditions that have been helped, including:
IBS, arthritis, migraine, stress and associated conditions, asthma, hormonal imbalances, menopausal problems, infertility, back and muscular pain and many more...
Or you can just use this time for yourself, to relax, unwind and experience a sense of profound relaxation...


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